I’m Karla

copywriter, brand-builder and storyteller

My Services


Blog Articles

Helping you connect with your audience, build credibility and educate your customers through long-form content.

SEO copy

Keywords count when it comes to ranking. But don’t settle for bland or repetitive messaging. The solution lies in mindfully crafted content.  


Advertising concepts

Need a big idea for a marketing campaign that can flex and build across different channels? I’m your girl. Well, middle-aged lady! 

Press releases

Want to spread some news or advertise a product launch? The right words will boost your chances of publication. 

Proofing & editing

Poor spelling and grammar don’t make a great first impression. I have my fine-tooth comb at the ready and I’m going to use it.

Creative Copywriting

From cover letters to flyers, direct mail and brochures, I can help you nail those all-important usps and build on your brand’s story.

About Me

With over 20 years’ worth of experience crafting vibrant, customer-focused copy in-house for the cruise industry, hospitality, FinTech and HR consultancy, I’m ready to rise to the challenge to give you the marketing results you deserve.

Words can spring energetically from the page, resonating in the minds of your readers or hang limply like lettuce in a two-day-old sandwich. Which camp do you think your current marketing is in? It’s all about the art of persuasion and I’ve spent years reading about it, honing my skills and coaching other copywriters.

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